Who is Mastermind Behind TN Interstate 50?

I just realized that I finished my awesome about page and didn’t include my name or any other personal details about myself. Kind of defeats the purpose of having an about page, don’t ya think? I even proceeded to write a post about why I started this blog and forgot to add my name in there as well, ha. So in this post I fully intended to let you in on who I am so you can maybe have a better understanding about why I started this blog. In the meantime, I suggest checking out my main post on why I started this blog to save both of us some time. So here we go…

Allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Howard and I am a part-time truck driver living right smack dab in the middle of Kentucky and Tennessee. I started this blog because of life-changing experience I had while in prison. It was so life-changing and impacting that I felt like I owed the World my newfound knowledge as a way of giving back.

Since getting out of prison I have drastically turned my life around and it’s all thanks to that momentous experience on the 50. Hey, the name even inspired a great title for this blog, which just so happened to end up being available, which has led me to believe that I was even more so meant to share my endeavors through this blog.

I love life and consider it to be one of my biggest passions, aside from helping others and making the world a better place just one small step at a time.

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My First Memory on the Fifty

My very first day on the 50 was working as a prisoner to pick up trash with about nine or ten other inmates. It was around 9am and the road was starting to clear up from all the morning rush hour traffic. The road was quiet for the most part while the sun was shining bright, and for a split second the day began to seem more beautiful than bad.

All of a sudden I was startled by a loud banging and crashing sound. It literally scared me so bad that I thought I had shit my pants. A horrible wreck had just taken place while my back was turned, and not even a football field’s distance from where I was working.

This limousine had blown a tire and the 18 wheeler that had been driving behind them had apparently been driving a little close and not paying much attention to what he was doing. The limo began to slow down a few seconds after the tire exploded and as the truck continued to draw closer, the truck driver failed to see the limo in time and ended up hitting the right side of the back bumper. Luckily, they both we’re going over 45 at the time and we’re able to come to a stop before any worse damage was done. It’s all still a little blurry to me because I didn’t see it with my own two eyes, yet heard it and sensed it’s closeness.

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